David Henry Speaks about Video Marketing at iMarketing Genius Conference in New York

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David Henry, an entrepreneur, video marketing and public relations expert, spoke to a full room at the iMarketing Genius Conference in New York yesterday. His presentation about video marketing provided the audience with key reasons why every marketer must be using video today.

“With the dominance of YouTube as the #1 video hosting platform and the #2 search engine overall, video can’t be ignored in any marketing outreach,” said Mr. Henry. “The significance of this is clear. People want answers and information in video format. If you aren’t providing it to them in video format you aren’t being seen. If you’re not using video, your competitors are!”

The two-day iMarketing conference hosted speakers such as Stedman Graham, Raymond Aaron, JT Foxx and Phil Grove. The conference focused on Internet marketing and branding ideas to help businesses grow and gain market share, even in this unstable economy.

Mr. Henry spoke about the importance of using video as a marketing tool. With the continued growth of YouTube, its impact on search, and the recent statement by Cisco estimating that 90% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2013, video simply can’t be ignored.

David Henry spoke about the need for strong content and the every video should tell a story. Most marketers make mistakes in the content/storytelling and in the dissemination of the video.

“Most people aren’t thinking of the end viewer and what will interest them and engage them. A video will only be successful if it successfully engages the viewer. That is what makes them watch it and share it,” said Mr. Henry. “And you can’t just upload it to YouTube and expect magic to happen. You have to SEO the video properly, execute a complete dissemination/distribution strategy, and engage people. Remember, YouTube is a social media channel like Facebook and Twitter. Many people for get that.”

The audience was comprised of business owners, real estate professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers. Feedback from David Henry’s presentation was very strong, with comments like “this presentation will help me grow my business”, “David Henry’s information about the future of video marketing is right on target”, and “David Henry’s presentation on video marketing is top notch. I can’t wait to implement everything he taught me.”

David Henry (http://www.therealdavidhenry.com) is an experienced video marketing, public relations, social media and digital marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience working with companies and organizations of all sizes. Currently, David is the President & CEO of NovoMedia, LLC , a video marketing, public relations, social media and digital marketing company. David is also the President & CEO of TeleNoticias, LLC, a Hispanic public relations, video marketing and social media company.

David has been hired to speak at a variety of conferences and meetings on topics related to public relations, audience marketing, social media and video marketing, He is a recognized authority on utilizing video, social media and public relations strategies to help companies generate new leads and drive business.

David Henry / The Real David Henry