Live Video Report from Dallas Cowboy Stadium

I had the opportunity to check out Dallas Cowboy Stadium last week.  It’s an amazing facility.  Whether or not you’re a Cowboys fan, you will be impressed by the video display. It’s not just simply huge, it’s the largest video display in the world! In addition to the gigantic video screen, they have something like 3,000 HD video monitors throughout the stadium.  It begs the question,  why so much video at a live event?

You might also be wondering why they need such a large screen, I mean you are seeing what is happening on the field as it happens, right?  The answer is simple.  Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, understands the power of video.  After each play, he has an opportunity to show the replays so fans can see the play again.  He has this big vehicle to show fans other content during timeouts and in between quarters.  In other words, he understands the value of video in enhancing the experience for his customers….the fans.  He realizes how he can monetize that video to improve the fan experience, create more value for his sponsors, and as a business, increase revenues and make more money.

Most of you don’t have an organization the size of the Cowboys, but you can still learn from what they do.  Video marketing is an important tool for your company.  It’s a great way to enhance the experience for your prospective clients and customers, add value for your current clients and customers, and ultimately increase revenues and make more money.

Let me know what you think and if you really get what I’m saying here.  Please be sure to comment below.

David Henry / The Real David Henry