Google+ Pages And Why They Are Important for Your Business

On Monday, Google+ announced that it opened up its Google+ pages for brands and companies.  For the uninitiated, this allows you to create a page for your business similar to the page you may have for your company on Facebook.   You may be asking yourself why you should care or why this is important.

Well, the obvious reason is because it’s Google!  Having a Google+ page will impact your search results and search rankings, because everything Google does with their own companies has an impact on search.  And anything that has an impact on search impacts how people find you on the web.  And anything that impacts how people find you on the web impacts your business and sales.

You may see a bunch of stories that were written following Google’s announcements about people complaining about the Google+ pages.  While some of the complaints may be valid, I’m going to tell you to ignore them.  Go and create your company Google+ page now!  Google+ pages will definitely change in the next 90-180 days, meaning that most of the complaints will likely be addressed.  In the meantime, having that page will be important to your search optimization and search rank.

You may have recently read that Google is working on more deeply integrating YouTube into Google+.  This points to the growing importance of Google+.  And if you’ve ignored Google+ up until now, it’s time to start to pay attention.

I have used Google+ since it was in Beta.  To be honest, I never felt the connection or traction with Google+ that I did with Facebook.  That may be because many of the early adopters were other marketers trying to figure it out.  It didn’t have the same feeling as Facebook.  And it’s important to note here that Facebook is still WAY bigger than Google+.  (Facebook has about 800 million users worldewide to Google+’s 40 million.)  These announcements though tell me that Google+ is becoming more important  and is stepping up their game to compete with Facebook.  I can only guess that Google has more announcements coming.  It’s obvious that they want Google+ to compete strongly with Facebook.

So, while we can’t tell when that will happen (or even if it will), for now, I encourage you to create your Google+ page.  I certainly can’t hurt you in any way, and is more likely to help you in several ways.

Let me know when you create your page…and post the url here.  It would be great to have you in my circles.

Thanks for your support.  Until next time.

The Real David HenryThe Real David Henry