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Content Marketing.  This is where it’s happening.  Whether you are a big brand or a start up, you have the opportunity to make a big impact with your customers and potential customers with a good content marketing plan.  The good news is that you don’t need a huge budget to be effective.

What can set you apart?

The biggest mistake companies make is creating content that THEY think they should create or simply that they want to create.  I’m not saying all of that content is bad or wrong, it just may not be hitting the mark.  What you want to create is content that your target audience (i.e., your customers/clients) is already looking for.  Your customers are always searching for that next piece of information; something that tells them how to do things better, how to use the product in a different, more effective way, how to use it more efficiently.  In some cases, they are looking for information beyond your product or service; information that helps them learn something, do something better, be more productive, have more fun, enjoy life, etc.  You can be the source of that information.  Everything you create doesn’t (and shouldn’t) just be about your product.  If you want to be a trusted source, learn about the things that are important to your audience and give them tips and ideas that help them.  This is where you will connect.  This is how you will get people to engage with you.

What kind of content should you produce?

The easy answer is to provide information that is of use to your customers / target audience.  Know your market.  Understand your customer.  Know their “pain” points and their needs.  Know what is important to them.  Know who influences their decisions.  If you can delve into these areas, you are bound to find plenty of topics about which you can create content.  If you spend some time on YouTube, you’ll likely find that there are customers or potential customers that have already created some of this content, because no one else has.  That is an opportunity for you.  Become the one place where the questions are answered, where there are great product demos and “how to” videos, where new ideas are discussed.

Many larger brands and companies have taken steps to “own” their category.  They spend time analyzing their customers.  They’ve hired agencies to find out who are the influential voices in their space, to find out what people are talking about that is relevant to them and their products and services.  They also do what is called a content gap analysis to determine what is missing between the information or content they are providing and what their target audience really wants to know.  From this data and analysis, they have a strong road map on what content to produce that will resonate with their audience, customers and potential customers.

As for how that content should be presented, the strong recommendation is that it should be in video form, no longer than two minutes in length.  There is a reason that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.  It’s because people want information in video format.  An surveys have shown that people are willing to look at videos created by brands as long as it gives them something useful….meaning it’s not promotional.

On that note, don’t think of using a content marketing platform as a means of promoting your company, brand, or product.   You will turn your audience off immediately.  The idea here is to engage.  You don’t walk up to someone you don’t know and start promoting yourself and telling them how great you are, do you?  I hope not.  Normally, you start a conversation where you both learn a little bit about each other.  Think of content marketing the same way.

What’s the goal?

The goal should be to create a plan where you are creating new content on a regular basis, sharing it with the market/community, and engaging with that market/community.  You will need to continually “take the temperature” of your target audience.  Their interests, concerns, needs and wants will change.  You should be in touch with that change so that you can adapt your plan to stay relevant.  Larger brands and companies use analytics to keep tabs on how people are interacting with their content and adjust what they produce based on how people interact.  It allows them to stay relevant and engaged.

Content marketing is an ongoing effort.  You’ve probably seen the really good people in your space.  It’s OK to mimic their model, just make sure your content is original.  That doesn’t mean that you have some brilliant idea every time, it does mean that you have to have your original take on the topic at hand.

This doesn’t have to be a complicated or difficult process.  Consistent marketing is the key to long-term results.

David Henry / The Real David Henry

David Henry To Speak about Video Success at Hispanicize 2012 Conference in Miami

David Henry, a video marketing expert, will give tips on how to create successful videos to Hispanic public relations professionals at the Hispanicize 2012 Conference in Miami on Thursday, April 12, 2012.   

David Henry, an entrepreneur, video marketing and public relations expert, will speak to Hispanic public relations professionals, bloggers, marketers and other communications professionals at Hispanicize 2012 in Miami.  The session entitled, “Are Your Videos Getting Viewed? Top Tips to Video Success” is geared to show attendees common mistakes people make that keep their videos from being seen, getting views and getting results.  Mr. Henry will be speaking along with Alvaro Cabal from Ford Motor Company and Ariel Coro, technology expert from Tu Tecnología.

“Video is one of the hottest tools available to communicators today and the power of YouTube can’t be ignored,” said Mr. Henry.  “Many marketers make simple mistakes that can sabotage their success.  While content is always the most important factor, there are other steps one must do to ensure success.”

The session is geared to show public relations professionals, bloggers and marketers the common mistakes in creating video and give them a foundation to build upon for their future videos and video marketing.  The session will give concrete tips and will show examples of successful videos

Mr. Henry will address the two key reasons why most videos don’t get desired results: the first is that the topic isn’t relevant to the audience and that it’s not told in story format.  The second is that most marketers don’t know what to do once they’ve uploaded their video.  May don’t understand the strategies need to drive viewers and how to use the video to drive more traffic to their website, Facebook page or other social platform.

“Most people don’t put their audience first.  They have their message to tell and they don’t think about how the audience will react or engage with the video.  Success with online video always starts with the audience and understanding the triggers that get them to watch video and take the next step,” said Mr. Henry.

Hispanicize 2012 is in its third year, having launched in Dallas in 2010 and then moved to Los Angeles for the 2011 conference.  Hispanicize 2012 has grown to include not just public relations professionals and bloggers, but other media professionals, Latin film makers and Latin innovators.  Attendees will come from Fortune 500 companies, media outlets and public relations agencies.

David Henry ( is an experienced video marketing, public relations, social media and digital marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience working with companies and organizations of all sizes.  Currently, David is the President & CEO of TeleNoticias, LLC (, a Hispanic public relations, video marketing and social media company.  David is also the President & CEO of NovoMedia, LLC ( , a video marketing,  public relations, social media and digital marketing company.

David has been hired to speak at a variety of conferences and meetings on topics related to public relations, audience marketing, social media and video marketing, He is a recognized authority on utilizing video, social media and public relations strategies to help companies generate new leads and grow their businesses.

(The Real) David Henry

Nine Rules for Creating Videos That Work

Great content is always critical for video success.  But there are other things you need to keep in if you want videos that get results.  I have nine rules of the road that are critical for video marketing success that I teach  to all of my clients.

ere are our 9 Rules of the road for video success:

Rule #1:     Keep it Simple…it’s too easy to over complicate this.  Getting video up fast is the key

Rule #2:     You have to have the right ATS  – Audience, Topic, Story

Rule #3:     Each video MUST have a PURPOSE and a CALL TO ACTION

Rule #4:     Focus on what matters… and not on what doesn’t

Rule #5:     Know how to stand out – be different .. be a leader!

Rule #6:     Go deep, not wide.  Make sure your content is focused.  Delve into many areas of your subject…no many subjects.

Rule #7:     Don’t overreach.  Each video should be about one thing and one thing only.

Rule #8:     Many videos is the key — One video alone does not create you more MONEY.  Successful use of video REQUIRES many videos, much content

Rule #9:      Marketing the video is as important as the content!  Proper SEO and view getting strategies is essential.

If you follow these rules, you are much more likely to have success with your videos and get great results.  Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below,

(The Real) David Henry

Why Marketing Is More Important Than Your Product or Service

If I ask most people, “What’s more important a great product /service or great marketing?”, more often than not the answer I get is “a great product”. That’s the wrong answer! If you want to grow your business, then great marketing is ALWAYS more important.

The follow up question is this: “Do you know of any companies that don’t have a great product but are wildly successful?” The answer is: “of course you do!” The first company that comes to mind is McDonald’s. Do they make the best hamburger in the world? In my opinion, not even close. I can find many places with a better hamburger. Then what is it that makes them so successful and the #1 brand in hamburgers? It’s simple…they have great marketing!

If you want your business to grow, start focusing on your marketing. Yes, you need to find the right USP (unique selling point). Yes, you need to put a strategy in place. But the first thing you must do, is start doing… take action! There are many ways to get your marketing moving and there are great marketing tools that don’t cost a lot.

What’s more important is that you start thinking like a marketer. Start thinking about your target customers and clients; what is it they want? what problems to they need solved? And then go tell them you can solve their problems and give them what they want. It’s really not that hard.

What do McDonald’s customers want? What problem do they have? Simple. They want food and they need to find a way to get it fast and easily. And McDonald’s delivers on that every time…. just go look at their marketing, because that’s what they tell you they do.

Let me know what you think below. Do you agree with me?

The Real David Henry
The Real David Henry

David Henry Speaks about Video Marketing at iMarketing Genius Conference in New York

(as posted on PR Log)

David Henry, an entrepreneur, video marketing and public relations expert, spoke to a full room at the iMarketing Genius Conference in New York yesterday. His presentation about video marketing provided the audience with key reasons why every marketer must be using video today.

“With the dominance of YouTube as the #1 video hosting platform and the #2 search engine overall, video can’t be ignored in any marketing outreach,” said Mr. Henry. “The significance of this is clear. People want answers and information in video format. If you aren’t providing it to them in video format you aren’t being seen. If you’re not using video, your competitors are!”

The two-day iMarketing conference hosted speakers such as Stedman Graham, Raymond Aaron, JT Foxx and Phil Grove. The conference focused on Internet marketing and branding ideas to help businesses grow and gain market share, even in this unstable economy.

Mr. Henry spoke about the importance of using video as a marketing tool. With the continued growth of YouTube, its impact on search, and the recent statement by Cisco estimating that 90% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2013, video simply can’t be ignored.

David Henry spoke about the need for strong content and the every video should tell a story. Most marketers make mistakes in the content/storytelling and in the dissemination of the video.

“Most people aren’t thinking of the end viewer and what will interest them and engage them. A video will only be successful if it successfully engages the viewer. That is what makes them watch it and share it,” said Mr. Henry. “And you can’t just upload it to YouTube and expect magic to happen. You have to SEO the video properly, execute a complete dissemination/distribution strategy, and engage people. Remember, YouTube is a social media channel like Facebook and Twitter. Many people for get that.”

The audience was comprised of business owners, real estate professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers. Feedback from David Henry’s presentation was very strong, with comments like “this presentation will help me grow my business”, “David Henry’s information about the future of video marketing is right on target”, and “David Henry’s presentation on video marketing is top notch. I can’t wait to implement everything he taught me.”

David Henry ( is an experienced video marketing, public relations, social media and digital marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience working with companies and organizations of all sizes. Currently, David is the President & CEO of NovoMedia, LLC , a video marketing, public relations, social media and digital marketing company. David is also the President & CEO of TeleNoticias, LLC, a Hispanic public relations, video marketing and social media company.

David has been hired to speak at a variety of conferences and meetings on topics related to public relations, audience marketing, social media and video marketing, He is a recognized authority on utilizing video, social media and public relations strategies to help companies generate new leads and drive business.

David Henry / The Real David Henry