David Henry Speaks about Video Marketing at Gotham City Networking Seminar in New York

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David Henry, an entrepreneur, video marketing and public relations expert, spoke to a full room at a Gotham City Networking Seminar in New York yesterday.  He spoke to business owners about the importance of using video to help grow their businesses and why video is becoming ever more important as a marketing tool.

“YouTube continues to grow at a very fast rate. There is a reason that it is the #2 search engine, it’s because people want information in a video format,” said Mr. Henry.  “If you aren’t providing information about your products and services in video, you’re going to be left behind!”

The seminar was geared to show business what kinds of videos work, what one needs to consider when producing videos that will get results and how one can get their videos seen and drive traffic to their website.

Mr. Henry addressed the two reasons why most videos don’t work well: the first is that the topic isn’t relevant to the audience and that it’s not told in story format.  The second is that most don’t know what to do once they’ve uploaded their video.  They don’t know how to get people to view the video and how to use that video to drive more traffic to their website/business.

David Henry focused on the need to tell a story through every video, discussed the often over-looked steps in creating effective videos and then detailed the 12 steps that his company employs to get video viewers and drive traffic to a company’s website/business.

“Most people don’t think about their audience, the end viewer.  It’s critical to understand what they are interested in seeing and what topics will engage them.  Successful marketing videos engage the viewer and give them a reason to keep watching,” said Mr. Henry.  “After you create the video, there has to be a strategy in place.  This is where the marketing comes in.  The marketing of the video is as important, if not more important, than the video itself.”

The audience was comprised of small business owners, real estate professionals, attorneys, insurance professionals and entrepreneurs.  Feedback from David Henry’s presentation was very positive, with comments like “great information and creative ideas”, “David Henry’s presentation was awesome!”, “My head is swimming. So much information delivered in a short time but in a way that can easily be processed!”, and “David Henry’s presentation gave us resources we can put into action immediately, there was something for every level of knowledge.”

David Henry (http://www.therealdavidhenry.com) is an experienced video marketing, public relations, social media and digital marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience working with companies and organizations of all sizes.  Currently, David is the President & CEO of NovoMedia, LLC (http://www.novomediausa.com) , a video marketing,  public relations, social media and digital marketing company.  David is also the President & CEO of TeleNoticias, LLC (http://www.telenoticiasusa.com/home/index.php), a Hispanic public relations, video marketing and social media company.

David has been hired to speak at a variety of conferences and meetings on topics related to public relations, audience marketing, social media and video marketing, He is a recognized authority on utilizing video, social media and public relations strategies to help companies generate new leads and grow their businesses.

(The Real) David Henry

How to Get Started Using Video

In this video, I talk about how to get started using video. The first question is always what kind of camera. The answer is simple: get whatever camera you will actually use! You don’t need an expensive camera. An iPhone, a Flip cam, a Sonny Bloggie and a Kodak zi8 are all examples of inexpensive cameras that take great video. You don’t need an elaborate setup. In fact, this video was shot using an iPhone and the lights in my office…no professional lights or equipment.

The next step is to the go and create your video. Get a topic, create a story, and start shooting. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll need to practice. So.. get your camera and go practice. In the next lessons, I will go into more in detail about what kind of stories work, how to create effective videos, and the other steps to making video work for you.

The Real David Henry
(The Real) David Henry


Why Marketing Is More Important Than Your Product or Service

If I ask most people, “What’s more important a great product /service or great marketing?”, more often than not the answer I get is “a great product”. That’s the wrong answer! If you want to grow your business, then great marketing is ALWAYS more important.

The follow up question is this: “Do you know of any companies that don’t have a great product but are wildly successful?” The answer is: “of course you do!” The first company that comes to mind is McDonald’s. Do they make the best hamburger in the world? In my opinion, not even close. I can find many places with a better hamburger. Then what is it that makes them so successful and the #1 brand in hamburgers? It’s simple…they have great marketing!

If you want your business to grow, start focusing on your marketing. Yes, you need to find the right USP (unique selling point). Yes, you need to put a strategy in place. But the first thing you must do, is start doing… take action! There are many ways to get your marketing moving and there are great marketing tools that don’t cost a lot.

What’s more important is that you start thinking like a marketer. Start thinking about your target customers and clients; what is it they want? what problems to they need solved? And then go tell them you can solve their problems and give them what they want. It’s really not that hard.

What do McDonald’s customers want? What problem do they have? Simple. They want food and they need to find a way to get it fast and easily. And McDonald’s delivers on that every time…. just go look at their marketing, because that’s what they tell you they do.

Let me know what you think below. Do you agree with me?

The Real David Henry
The Real David Henry